MG - Engineering for innovation

MG with over 20 years experience, specializes in hardware and software engineering for IoT, M2M, Industry Automation and Embedded Systems. MG develops innovative solutions on specific request for Logistics, Healthcare, Industry, Energy, Environment and Defence. Every developed platform, fixed or mobile, can be enabled for Data and Application sharing on the Cloud.


Hardware design, prototyping and production are the main activities in this area. MG provides the best technology and qualified professionals to propose high quality and reliability products.


For software applications or for firmware, developed for embedded boards, our imperative is: customized software. Analysis, design, implementation and testing are the steps followed by our professionals to get the final result.

Industrial Automation

From capture cards to rugged PC with Windows and Linux Embedded. Integration and innovation, these are our goals for industrial and automation.

Embedded Systems

MG designs and develops networking devices and embedded systems, to transport every kind of digital and analog signal on Ethernet. Embedded system development includes microprocessor boards, panel PC and interface boards.