MG Engineering, set up in 1995, develops software and electronic systems according to customer’s requirements.

Its main activities are hardware design, microprocessor board development, software and firmware development for embedded systems in multitasking environment, analog and digital devices design for data communication, industrial automation, military and medical systems. The internal production facility enables MG to complete the offered services to its customers, controlling the whole process, from design to packaging and shipment of finished product.

R&D laboratory, employing highly skilled engineers with experience in computer, electronics and telecommunications, makes use of the latest technology and development systems, in order to supply the customer with design, development and production. For product development and engineering, we provide performance and high integration level, high quality and reliability, optimized cost/performance ratio.

MG collaborates with its customers supplying key solutions, consulting for hardware and software development, technical assistance for type approval or engineering and production of electronic boards.

In 2004 a new division has opened in order to design and produce MG marked devices for networking and embedded system sectors, offering high-quality and performing products at competitive prices.