Hardware Design

Hardware design

MG offers hardware design services for any type of application and need, from simple sensor boards to embedded systems, from power supplies to boards for digital signals processing. We are able to meet any request using advanced development technologies , both in the design and in realization phases, offering products of high quality and reliability, also for the medical and military sectors.

Hardware design division uses wide range of technologies, including microcontrollers, microprocessors, FPGA, PLD, DSP that vary depending on demands and performance you want to reach. Software design, carried out internally, allows you to take full advantage of the potential also of simple technologies, without using too advanced technologies and overspending.

Hardware design is one of the first steps of a project, and MG follows the development at 360 degrees: drawing the schematic diagram, PCB design and routing, hardware mounting, firmware programming and final test. In case of projects formed by complex systems, composed with multiple cards, we internally make assembly between the parts and we provide testing of the entire system, thereby removing the possibility that defective products can reach the final customer. The production is made internally with advanced systems that provide high quality standard in accordance with the regulations.

The design may start from an idea or an existing product which, for example, needs to be overhauled to conform to the new standard, or to overcome the lack of discontinued or obsolete components. Thanks to specialized staff, we are able to make improvements to correct defects of existing devices, even without the schematic diagram.

To complete a hardware design flow perfectly performed, we applied the trace process to all the produced boards; with our traceability we can know the status and location of all finished products, the origin of all components and production data as the operators in assembly, soldering and testing phase.

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