Software Design

Software designMG performs internally software design, then has the ability to change the behavior of their devices based on requirements, allowing you to get 100% of hardware capabilities and eliminating any constraints often represented by the firmware.

We can add or remove features of the devices already been made to reduce the cost of the finished product or quickly add new features. Thanks to the software design is therefore possible to get to a prototype or to a finished product very quickly giving the possibility to exploit existing hardware thus reducing time and costs.

MG naturally also develops high level applications for manage their devices, this not  includes only sample applications but also complete and customized applications on both Windows and Linux operating systems, or provides support for development if the customer wants to develop their own application .

MG also executes software design related to embedded operating systems such as Linux Embedded and Windows CE, which allow to exploit hardware already made such as Embedded PC, thus reducing the time and cost of harware realization. Build an customized operating system allows to obtain from these devices much higher performance compared to a standard operating system. Among our capabilities also includes the development of device drivers for operating systems, allowing efficient integration with devices made.

According to this background we can say that we can meet any customer need. In addition, exploiting our experience in software design, we can develope customized solutions based to the requirements provided.

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