Embedded systems

Embedded systemEmbedded systems refers to any device that includes more features or more devices, providing to users a single interface for use and configuration. The goal of combining multiple devices is not only the ability to easily enjoy their functions, but also to reduce cost, size and make a more powerful interaction between them. MG ensures achieving all these targets developing internally both hardware and software.

Embedded systems division was founded in 2004 and it is involved in the design and implementation of hardware and software in this area. Developed systems vary from cards for control of analog or digital signals to CPU boards, from expansion modules to embedded PC. Upon request we also design and provide covers and mechanical supports useful for device installation, without the need for further processing.

Hardware design, development of electronic boards and assembly are all carried out internally, reducing the cost of production of the same parts from different suppliers, reducing the time to market but at the same time keeping the control of every aspect of design and production.

With our experience in the field of embedded systems, we can offer hardware that supports operating systems such as Windows and Linux, we can develop device drivers for our devices and software applications on both operating systems. In case you want to take full advantage of the hardware, we can also develop or use proprietary operating systems. We are therefore able to meet the needs of any sector, from medical to military, from security to industrial automation.

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