Industrial Automation

Elettronica IndustrialeSince the beginning, MG designs systems for industrial automation, this is not limited to the production of single devices but also includes the development of new concepts to control and improve the production process. All our systems are designed to have a high level of integration, both with the technologies used in existing devices and with future technologies. This means that our devices can be inserted immediately into existing installation and will have a longer life than current devices, with evident savings in terms of costs over time.

Modbus, Ethernet, CAN bus, Serial RS.232 or RS.485, RF-868, GPRS, UMTS are some of the communication technologies used in our devices for industrial automation. Since the main purpose is the integration of technologies, we have developed several converters that allow you to use older devices with modern management systems, allowing you to enjoy the benefits brought by the use of latest generation of management systems.

In industrial automation we design and also develop devices for management such as complete industrial PC (typically rugged PC) running Linux Embedded or Windows Embedded. The operating system and the application for management are internally develped, in order to always ensure a customized and efficient product at low cost. We also develop concentrators and transmitters of data to remote sites that cannot be reached by cable.

Thanks to our experience in this field, we can offer quick solutions at low cost to meet the needs of most demanding customers.

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